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We are looking to develop our productions into cultural and heritage TV content. If you are from acquisitions and would like to be part of one our projects then get in touch and.....      LET'S MAKE FILMS! 

All of our pilots get developed in house at our sites in Hackney Wick or Leyton in London. They are made with love by our passionate filmmakers and with support this year from the Creative Enterprise Zone Grant. BigFaceArt is an official Mayor of London awardee for 2022. Our pitch was to roll out broadcast Netflix approved cameras to develop our cultural and heritage content on with the agenda to push our content towards TV broadcast and to help the arts and culture be more widely represented and shown on TV. We develop all our pilots and projects into online mini series using our new broadcast equipment; and all of our online pilot series are available for commission from broadcast acquisitions. If you are interested in developing any of our heritage content further with us, please get in touch, (contact details are on the contact page), and LETS MAKE FILMS!



This documentary film in development celebrates the telling of stories across generations through the performance of Flamenco. It chronicles the annual Flamenco on Fire festival in Pamplona, and delves into finding out about the history of this great artform through the story of Arturo Fernandez and the artists who perform this magical form of Story telling today.


The titles below are on our slate at BigFaceArt and are considered to be in

pre- production, with a short pilot film currently be made in house. All of these projects are designed in concept and are ready for investment.



Following the success of "The Plonk At Home" mini series as featured during lock down by 'Time In', This new show centered around the day to day operations of the Plonk Golf artists, follows them embark and build Crazy Golf courses in some of the world's Craziest Places.

fondue 1.jpg


This short film has been on the slate for a long time, and finds itself being re-explored for development. This short film is a comedy musical with a circus skills cast, and serves as a follow up to the UK Film Council funded musical short 'Milk Watch', BOB BAFTA nominated and winner of 'The New Pathways Film Fund and Limelight Film Festival.



This Mini series in Pre-Development works with Pickle pioneer Nick Vadasz, the pickled Artist behind Vadasz pickles, as he explores the origins of his own love for pickling and food making through his interactions with some of the UKs most innovative and historical Caffs and street food vendors. 

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