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Big Face Art was founded in 2006 as a label dedicated to make films about Arts and Heritage subjects. Today Big Face Art seeks to work with the most passionate and talented artists and filmmakers who are driven to tell stories and make 'content driven' film inspired by artists as part of the Creative Industries. 

With support from the Creative Enterprise Zone and The Mayor of London through winning the 2022 CEZ Space Makers Grant, Big Face Art benefit from being able to develop films using Broadcast approved equipment. The subjects of our films are finely curated, and focus on cultural and creative communities who have a story to share.

With a career which started as a 35mm Cinema Projectionist, Michael has developed BigFaceArt into a prominent independent production company, drawing influence from his 15 year career in the Art Department for mainstream film and television. Michael has worked as an Art Department Head of Department; prop-mastering for the BBC (Death in Paradise), Channel 4 (Catastrophe), Sky (Casual Vacancy) to name a few. In 2020 Michael was HOD for the props department for the Multi BAFTA Winning BBC3 show ' Mood'.

       What began as a passion for film has become a drive to make films and to help sustain the arts. Michael has won several awards and grants as a filmmaker, and is recognised within the creative industries for growing BigFaceArt into a sustainable business. Michael has an MA in 'Business for The Creative Industries', and has lectured at London Met University, The LCC, and Blackpool Universities.


The foundation of our winning proposal centred around our ambition to develop high quality cultural documentaries for distribution through mainstream channels, to broaden the access to cultural content by reaching wider audiences. We use film to preserve the patrimony of our subjects by generating a future heritage through what we produce. 

Our innovate production model aims to develop our films through economically sustainable methods. As passionate filmmakers we look to tell stories by becoming part of the experience and journeys of our cultural subjects. Our subjects are very important to us and over time have inspired us to understand how to best utilise our spending to sustain a legacy for the heritage we are documenting.

We fund our films through sponsorship, CSR and grant funding, Please visit our products page for our current opportunities to get involved, and to learn more about the benefits of sponsorship.

Big Face Art is based in London, with an edit suite and product shoot studio as part of Bridget Riley Space Studios in Hackney Wick.

Over the last 15 years we have developed film for many organisations, companies and artists from all across the creative industries. We love it more than ever and so if you want to work with us, get in touch.



Chris is an internationally recognised production designer and filmmaker working primarily across film and TV.  His training and background, in Architecture and Design, gives him a unique perspective in blending creative ambition with an acute eye for detail.  His natural affinity with telling stories and the craft of filmmaking has evolved into a natural flair for producing documentary. Chris has vast experience at a high level designing productions to a budget and with a critically acclaimed eye for detail. His passion for filmmaking and enterprise within the creative industries is beautifully channelled to produce documentary film of cultural and heritage value.


Dan has worked at the highest level as a mainstream art director on shows including Poldark and Indian Summers, and on films including The Courier and The Marvels. His career started from a passion for film working at the late great Blockbuster Video Club. Now with 15 years professional experience making films under his belt he is part of our BigFaceArt production team.


2009, WINNER - New Pathways Film Fund
2011, WINNER - Limelight Award - 'Milkwatch'
2012, WINNER - Sanctuary Artist Film Residency

2013, NOMINATED - St Albans Film Fest - Retirement
2014, NOMINATED - Limelight Award - 'Pastichio
2014, NOMINATED -. ​Novu Ris - Zaha Hadid Roca
2015, NOMINATED - Submersive Film Fest - Little Man

2017, WINNER - Lift Off Manchester - Champion
2017, NOMINATED - Lift Off Tokyo - Champion
2020, WINNER - ​RetroReel Lockdown Film - MyrBucolic

2021, HONOURS - Screen Power Film Festival - ACE

2021, NOMINATED, London International Shorts - ACE

2022, WINNER - Mayor of London CEZ award and Grant


Tom has worked as front line Photographer in London specialising in studio product photography, portraits and portraiture for 20 years. With a studio in Hackney and a passion for travel, Tom has been shooting moving image for many years working closely with Michael at Big Face Art to develop cultural documentary productions. Tom's background in high level portrait photography has cultivated a unique and beautiful aesthetic which has translated well to the moving image, and brings the joy of people out on to the screen.

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