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Born in 'Lock Down' This wonderful online series is now ready to be taken to the next step and developed into a TV series which examines and celebrates the  wonderful films and filmmaking techniques of the past, and the communities of people who have claimed ownership of the art for themselves. ViSIT THE WEBSITE: 


It started as a small idea to do something social distanced outdoors during an unpredictable year of isolation and confusion. We had an old projector collecting dust, and simply looked for an old print to see if the thing still worked. Stumbling across an unexpectantly relevant old reel of Harold Lloyd's 'Just Neighbours, we decided to lace up the projector in our front garden and ask our wonderful neighbours if they wanted to watch from over the fence. From our screenings, Retroreel in partnership with Bigfaceart, is now in development making a community based mini series inspired by people, and inspired by vintage cinema which celebrates reel to reel filmmaking and most importantly their audiences and film loving loving communities of people.  The concept for this show is to continue our screenings by holding geographically specific filming events for important pieces of cinema that bear considerable relevance to a particular community. The celebrate the history of the film and its craft, and to speak to present day communities of people for whom the film has become part of who they are.

Retro Reel
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