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The idea for this show, is to cut together the short films that are made from our authentic involvement with the rich artistic creative community which we are proud to part of across the UK, into a mashup series which celebrates the passion and beauty behind the creative endeavours of the cultural pioneers who dare to be bold and make their ideas actually happen.


The concept here is to cut a mashup series which provides a platform for the most creative and compelling of our artists and entrepreneurs to showcase the fruits of their enterprises, and share with audiences the passion, innovation, hard work and creative rewards of the performances, artworks, events and exhibits that they create. The vision takes inspiration from the mashup shows of the 90s like 'The Tube' and 'The Word', and aims to establish arena in which a genre of passion and creativity fuelled filmmaking can be accessed by audiences who are looking for something creatively different and inspiring. The roots of this show are based around the underground Monday night speakeasy gathering of artists and entrepreneurs who have been working together and inspiring each other for several years in East London. This film mashes up the coming together of a group of such artists as they set forth to become the 'End of Pier' entertainment at the new 'Glastonbury On Sea' attraction at Glastonbury 2022.

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Glasto Medley 2022 v1.mp4
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