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Working with the support of The Mayor of London, and The Twinning Committees of Ilkestone and Chalon De Champagne,  This Documentary feature finds out how and why and what is Town Twinning and who are the Twinners. The short fillm currently in production follows a twinning expedition between the twinned towns of Ilkestone in the UK and Chalon de Champagne in France.


Town Twinning has been around it seems forever, but how many people actually know what's involved. This documentary looks to find out more as the filmmakers actually take part in a twinning expedition between 2 very different UK and French towns. It speaks intimately with the people involved to understand how twinning culture actually began, what it stands for, why it is important, and what is the future for this long standing tradition. We are currently looking for investment to realise the feature length version of this project, with an intention to distribute it through festivals and  as an on demand exclusive. This short film is just the start, as we are looking to develop this into a feature title.

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