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Working with the support of The Mayor of London, Prop Positions and now Dreamland in Margate, we are super stoked to be making this series. Funding it somehow as we go, we really see the potential for this series as a TV show. Pinball Geoff Harvey (BBC Repair Shop) invites us into his whirlitzer world of Pinball collecting, as we go on a cultural journey of leisure heritage learning more about these fantastic machines every we step we take.


This series is presented by TV's most loveable vintage gadget expert, Geoff Harvey (BBC). As we learn in more detail about of the wonderful machines in his collection, we also find about the cultural landscapes in history in which they were created and introduced. We also take the chance to find out more about several cultural communities today as we travel with Geoff to host exhibitions of these wonderful machines at festivals including Glastonbury and the International Tattoo Convention encouraging collectors and artists to work together and join us on our journey to open a museum. We also look at the work of Joan Littlewood and her ideas of 'The Fun Palace' in history as an inspiration and frame work to making this happen. 

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