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Big Face Art have been making films on commission for 20 years, and now we are curating and developing our own cultural and heritage based content. Through our films we have developed a sustainable production model through sponsorship which offers cultural association opportunities to develop films which directly contribute to the enrichment of and sustainability of culture and heritage across the arts and the communities that embrace them. Explore our site to understand the services we offer and the products we have ready to develop. We have been awarded the 2022 CEZ grant this year to work with the support of Mayor of London to develop film content sustainably for wider broadcast audiences. Let's Make films! We Love it. 

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We are funding our own pilots through our sustainable arts model of development; filming as we work developing cultural enterprises within the creative Industries. Our goal is to get our cultural and heritage programmes commissioned for TV broadcast under our sustainable production methods to create a future heritage for creative and cultural communities today.

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